Projects in MBA in Cambridge Judge Business school

Projects in MBA in Cambridge Judge Business school 


Projects in MBA in Cambridge Judge Business school form a vital part of the Cambridge learning experience, both team and individual projects. Our projects allow you to put your classroom learning to the test as you progress through the programme, to work with a wide range of peers, and gain valuable experience with clients from different sectors – some of which you may be considering for future career moves.

Cambridge Venture Project

The Cambridge Venture Project (CVP) in the first term allows you to test your learning via a market analysis for a Cambridge or wider-UK based client. The MBA project runs alongside the Management Praxis core course, and is designed to develop your team skills in particular. You will be allocated to a diverse team and a project client, and work with a mentor to help you deliver a valuable project outcome for your client.

Working in teams of four to five you can expect to:

>investigate market opportunities for a new product, service or treatment
>evaluate consumer behaviour and competitive forces in relation to these, using qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques
>generate insights into potential strategies, opportunities for commercialisation and possible routes to market.

Recent GCP client companies in Cambridge Judge Business school

Actis, Aston Martin, BookingGo, BP, Carnegie Hall, Coffee Distributing Corp (CDC), Citi Bank, Cambridge University Press, Dev Equity, Faurecia, Google, Gympass, Hilding Anders AB, Hostmaker,, IBM, IKEA, Vorarlberger Illwerke AG, Kylin Prime, Lloyds, Lori, LSEx, Mayfair Capital, McLaren, Narai Group, Patagonia, Piper Heidsieck, PouchNation Easy Touch, Praekelt, Prime, Proparco, R3, SPARK, Sunew, The World Bank Group, Tonaton, Transformative, Trina Solar, Uber EMEA, UNDP, Waterbridge Ventures, WHO.

Concentration Project

You will choose from one of ten Concentrations to participate in during the Easter Term (term three).

Concentrations cover the following areas in Cambridge Judge Business school:

Culture, Arts and Media
Digital Transformations
Energy & Environment
Global Business
Health Strategies
Social Innovation.
At the end each Concentration you will undertake a team project, in which you will present your findings in a simulated boardroom situation.

Summer Term activities in Cambridge Judge Business school

To allow you to tailor the MBA towards your own individual career objectives, we offer a choice in the final Summer Term.


>Individual Project

>Work placement

>Research paper

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King Abdulaziz University MBA academic help 

King Abdulaziz University MBA academic help 

King Abdulaziz University- Graduate Studies and Academic Research

King Abdulaziz University MBA academic help ? King Abdulaziz University offers a degree of Applied Research in business administration course. MBAproject writing in this course is ideal for  students who are willing to build a career in the world’s fastest growing industries, broadening your understanding of the sector and giving you the skills to work in a globalised business environment. We at @MBAprojects, offer end to end academic writing services for the King Abdulaziz University students. For a degree in management degree every student in their respective specialisation field have to submit a endterm project/dissertation/thesis that tests the capability of the acquired knowledge and applicability factor. The core topics that are taught in King Abdulaziz University degree cover key topics such as marketing planning, strategic approaches in business, operations management, cross cultural management, event management and entrepreneurship management.

King Abdulaziz University MBA writing help

Students in King Abdulaziz University attends modules on academic research methods for business administration degree course, and it is compulsory for students to study research methods. In the last and final semester of degree course, students will conduct a research and prepare a dissertation on a topic. This is intended to test the capability of King Abdulaziz University student’s in understanding a given problem defined by variables (independent and dependent) and the student’s power of analysis with applied taught knowledge. We also prepare MBAproject writing end term projects and assignments of each semester, group projects in MBA, coursework help, internship project writing help , Conference paper writing help, as academic work is varied in nature.

Custom MBAprojects

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King Abdulaziz University
MBAprojects for endterm, summer training projects for King Abdulaziz University MBA, King Abdulaziz University MBA writing help
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Writing help for MBA Final year projects

Writing help for MBA Final year projects


Final year projects in MBA

Final year projects in MBA or BBA, are key to make an impact on campus selection, and your overall MBA grades. Writing help for MBA Final year projects is available. You might be thinking that projects are cut, copy and past. But MBA in India is getting serious. It opens a scope to score better in MBA. It accounts for more than 25% of your final year MBA marks. Therefore if you spend time on writing MBA end term projects or MBA final year projects then score little more, 15% of your overall scores. Frankly it is an opportunity, isn’t it!! Your choice of MBA topic is vital here, as if you choose an MBA topic that helps to enter a MBA sector it is a boon. Final year MBA project grades also matter a lot during MBA campus recruitment as recruiter will ask about MBA internship and MBA final year project to assess your capability. It helps companies analyze the MBA student’s understanding of subject, and those practical aspects of MBA subject specialisation, in the MBA internship or MBA work placement. Help in Final year projects in MBA near me is available.

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Are you looking to score good grades in your final year MBA dissertation, can MBA industry project help? Do you consider MBA degree seriously? And what about Final year projects in MBA ? Why do you take a chance, when offer you professional academic writing help! Yes, writing help for final year projects in MBA is available at affordable rates. Plagiarism in Final year projects in MBA is an issue. Now in India, you cannot submit copy paste Final year projects in MBA. Therefore, each topic in Final year projects in MBA is a custom project. This is must and it has to be typed in each page of Final year project in MBA. MBAprojects are a way to assess the capability of MBA student to link theory taught in MBA class by MBA professors to be applied in the MBA internship. This is a capability as your contribution to understand business problem in MBA industry visit or MBA summer training requires to reflect your solutions in the Final year MBA projects. How to score better in MBA? Yes score high and make up lost ground by getting more marks in Final year MBA projects.

MBAProjects FAQs

These are some questions which you might have right now.

  • Does MBA have a final year project? Well it depends, some have project report at end of each semester in MBA, some have internship report, some have end term project on the MBA subject.
  • What are projects in MBA?

These are company analysis where the MBA students analyse a theory or an industry problem in the context of the MBA specialisation that is resolved in MBA project.

  • What is the MBA final project?

It is a compulsory academic course activity for MBA students in the MBA final year. They are supposed to choose from a list of topics and submit an MBA final year project.

  • How do you do MBA research project?


Reality of MBAProjects:

Follow the university guideline book on MBA project. Or buy MBA Project Reports, Buy MBA Final Year Projects near me. How do you MBA custom project will be good? Ask for a sample, and make sure the MBA project report structure and format matches your MBA institute requirement for end term MBA project. This is also called mba final year project, while many MBA project websites offer mba project reports free download that can lead you to failure. Free MBA projects are copied projects and MBA institute will check before submission using plagiarism software. So get a custom mba final year project sample first to assess the MBA project quality and MBA project format. Then you also make sure that the writing firm for mba final year project offers. There is also readymade mba projects free available for free download.

We will also provide you with a MBA thesis or MBA dissertation. if you need hardcopy too. MBA Projects help for MBA students in MBA fulltime degree help, MBA part time degree help, Correspondence MBA help in HRM/Finance/ Correspondence MBA help Marketing/ Correspondence MBA help IT/ Correspondence MBA help Operations management. Get final Year Projectreport for MBA specialisations, MBA industry visit reports custom projects, MBA summer training reports, MBA internship report, endterm MBAprojects.

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Branding your MBA to get jobs in UK


Branding your MBA to get jobs in UK

Branding yourself as MBA or rather MBA personal branding seem to be a concept. But what if Branding your MBA to get jobs in UK is a reality. However,  it is not gimmick as there is credible and authentic research on personal branding in academic literature. Personal branding in MBA keeps you current in your chosen field of MBA specialisation, opens doors for you in UK in that area of study, and creates a lasting impression on your future prospective UK corporate clients. If you engage in marketing brand yourself successfully, then it a 100% probability that you’ll have control over your UK audience  initial perception. If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will, and the outcome might not be in your favor.

Relatively speaking, a strong brand MBA from a top ranked UK university easily influences it’s the corporate recruiters. What about the hundreds of MBA degrees from other UK colleges, UK students in part time MBA, full time MBA degree works overtime for job hunt and job searching in UK, trying to reach people. Personal branding of MBA candidates creates a pull instead of push strategy to use job search by personal projection of MBA abilities, MBA skills and MBA competencies.

On a general note, a successful brand like MBA scores over other degrees. So UK University students who are pursuing UK MBA degree can self-promote, which stimulates the audience. It creates communicative ripples about you as a brand, extending engagement through personal branding. On social media, MBA personal branding strategy is a unique experience as it showcases you factor. It infuses and breathes that special differentiation from your UK batchmates and helps you in charting the career growth. Personal branding also creates a steady follower base, and loyalty that is important for MBA candidates, as they progress in their career. Personal branding in MBA degree offers consistency in the quality of the engagement towards the strategy of personal brand it creates over time. Personal Brand can later on become a celebrity later on, and is also used as a way to connect on a universal level like creating own personal website, co author books, blog or vlog or TV show, or Professor in MBA degree, to differentiate your own identity in this digital world. Switching to digital visiting card and maintaining LinkedIn profile creation and LinkedIn for MBA candidates that helps in personal branding. You must be now asking how to use branding for your MBA degree. How this will lead to a job , or even more straight question if personal branding helps to get jobs in UK .


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EU Business School’s Final dissertation writing help for MBA students Geneva campus

EU Business School’s Final dissertation writing help for MBA students Geneva campus

EU Business School’s Final dissertation writing help for MBA students Geneva campus. EU Business School dissertation is a mandatory requirement for all enrolled students. We at dissertationshelpforu is one of the leading Dissertation Help Service provider in the EU region. So if you are a college in EU or university student in EU confronting issues in your dissertation writing in EU simply email us for topic selection or ask for topic suggestion , as we know the exact structure of dissertation that you need to submit in your . EU Business School Barcelona campus.

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MBA Final year projects

MBA Final year projects


Final year projects in MBA degree or BBA degree are crucial and can make a lot of difference to your grades and campus placement. In fact, they account for more than 25% of your final year marks in MBA and a little more than 15% of your overall scores in MBA. Now that’s a huge impact, isn’t it!! Your choice of MBA Final year projects topic and the resultant grades also matter a lot during MBA campus recruitment. It helps recruiting manager of Indian companies visiting MBA colleges to analyze the student’s understanding of the practical aspects of the MBA specialistion.

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Qualitative data analysis services for Indian university students

Qualitative data analysis services for Indian university students. We have conducted online interviews and focus groups for our past students for their dissertation and thesis. Often students ask how will I analyze qualitative data?  Indian University PhD candidates get stuck while conducting qualitative analysis. WHY? We found that they lack understanding about research methods, as mostly subjective research methods like qualitative data helps in gathering a trend, phenomenon, sentiment that implies general data to become specific data, involving than quantitative analysis. We have hired professional researchers, statisticians for quantitative data analysis services, and methodologists to design thesis approach in relation to research title. Our vast experience in qualitative research analysis services or , quantitative research analysis services , and mixed methods analysis services. Our company offers qualitative research analysis services for undergraduate, qualitative research analysis services for master’s, and qualitative research analysis services PhD students. We are conversant with the qualitative data analysis services for Indian university students, qualitative data analysis services for WestBengal students, and qualitative data analysis services for Karnataka University, qualitative data analysis services for Delhi students, qualitative data analysis services for Pune university students,.. among other countries.

Our core qualitative data analysis services are-

  • Qualitative Topic Assistance
  • Qualitative Research Outline
  • Qualitative Data Collection service
  • Qualitative Methodology service
  • Interview Protocol Assistance
  • Transcription Assistance service
  • Qualitative Analysis service
  • Qualitative Coding Assistance
  • NVivo Analysis Assistance
  • MAXQDA Analysis
  • Qualitative Design Asssistance
  • Free Dissertation Consultation


How we Help with Qualitative Analysis

  1. Transcription of interviews and focus groups.
  2. Coding of interview and focus group transcripts.
  3. Thematic identification and analysis.
  4. Content analysis.
  5. Interview/Focus group protocol development.
  6. Qualitative questionnaire development.
  7. NVivo analysis.
  8. Field notes analysis.

Why Should You Choose Our Qualitative Data Analysis Services

Resourceful undergraduate students in universities, master’s students in universities, and doctorate students in universities undertaking different academic courses requires to use qualitative dissertation writing services for their internship report, end term thesis. We can help you analyze qualitative data collected from interviews, analyze qualitative data collected from focus groups, help in framing questionnaires for qualitative study and observations. Online service of qualitative data collected using NVivo and Online service of qualitative data collected using MAXQDA, among other qualitative softwares. Our team of research methodologists and statisticians are ready to help you conduct qualitative analysis for your University dissertation, or offer help writing research papers, help writing research journal, help writing conference papers and coursework writing services. In addition to delivering high-quality qualitative results reports, we will also help with other dissertation chapters and address all revision comments from your supervisor and committee.

Why Choose a Qualitative research study for your thesis?

Get an expert advice on qualitative analysis research near me, is what you are thinking? This is important for your dissertation as selecting the suitable qualitative design for your research study needs to be accomplished early stage of your thesis. As a PhD student, you need to understand why qualitative analysis is used in research; it is for theory building, that is inductive research approach.  There are different types of qualitative research designs, including case studies, ethnography, phenomenology, and narrative approaches that our PhD experts are well-trained on. Affordable qualitative analysis services or rather cheap qualitative analysis services, best qualitative analysis services, top qualitative analysis services.  Through our qualitative data analysis services, we will ensure that you get appropriate research purposes, objectives, methodology aligned to support the research design, and analysis. Our experts will also be available 24/7 on one to one qualitative research help services, provide you with advice on qualitative research process and free revisions. Qualitative data analysis services for Indian university students.

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MBA Interview questions with sample answers

MBA Interview questions with sample answers

Here are some common MBA interview questions and sample answers:

1. Can you tell me more about yourself?
Applicants who prepare a statement usually have an easier time answering this question. Craft your answer to highlight your abilities to succeed in their program. Keep your answer compact and relevant to why you are the perfect candidate for the program. For good measure, keep your response to about two-to-three minutes long and consider keeping your earlier experiences compact while expanding on your most recent experiences and abilities.

Example: “I’ve always inspired myself to reach my goals because my vision is important to me. I’ve completed the education that was required of me and used every piece of knowledge in my job. However, I’m ready to develop my career and obtain the job I’ve always wanted. I’ve worked incredibly hard to get to where I am today and plan to achieve my goals of completing this program.

My education definitely prepared me for my first job out of college, but I want to aspire to do more in my life. My current education can only take me so far, and I’m ready to learn the skills and gain the knowledge in this program to have the opportunity to work in a better position at my dream company.”

2. Can you tell me about a time when you worked closely with someone who had a different personality than you?
This question allows you to show how well you work with others. Using the STAR method can help you craft a well-constructed answer that demonstrates your ability to adapt to a variety of personalities. Think about one or two situations when you worked with people with differing personalities, and practice your response until you can effortlessly recite the situation.

Example: “I worked with someone on multiple projects during my most recent job, and he liked to work quickly from the start and fix errors later. However, I like to work after formulating a plan. The first two projects involved fixing mistakes and spending more time than was necessary, so I explained my thought about creating a plan from the start. Although he still wanted to get working immediately, the following project took us less time because we were able to complete the tasks correctly the first time. I formulated a plan for every project after that because of our increase in productivity.”

3. What has been your most challenging academic experience so far?
While talking about challenges can have the opportunity to display your weaknesses, you can use this question as an opportunity to show how you overcame a challenging experience. Think about instances when you were relieved to have gotten past academic obstacles and explain how you managed to overcome the challenge.

Example: “I had a speech class where I was assigned to write and deliver a speech that spoke about an issue that went against my view. It was certainly challenging to be able to speak against what I believed, but I spent a lot of time researching the other side of the argument and developed a speech that received a passing grade. It was more important to me to pass the class than it was to deliver a speech that went outside of the requirements.”

4. Describe a time when you failed to meet someone’s expectations. How did you resolve the situation?
This question gives you the chance to speak about a difficult challenge. Everyone has shortcomings in their lives, and the interviewer wants to know about how you turned the negative event into a learning opportunity. Besides learning from your mistake, you can also show the interviewer your conflict resolution skills by explaining your resolution to the situation.

Example: “I had a teacher who expected the best from all of her students. During a time when I had a lot of projects due at once, I was unable to show my best work on the project for her class. She was disappointed that my work had faltered compared to my previous work in her class. Although there were no redos for the assignment that would change my grade, I turned in the assignment again when my workload had diminished to show her that I knew what she expected of me.”

5. How would you take advantage of the resources we provide?
This question gives you the chance to show the interviewer what you know about their business administration program and how you plan to use your knowledge and skills to develop your career. MBA program departments appreciate when their students succeed because it is a direct reflection of their program’s success. Show the interviewer what you know about their program and why it will help.

Example: “I researched many schools before deciding to apply here. Your program fits exactly what I’m looking for, and I’m going to utilize every resource you have. The coursework you offer is everything I want from a business school, and your career management offerings will help me develop my career and achieve my dream job.”

6. What other schools or programs are you applying to?
The admissions representative might ask this question to find out what your process for school or program selections consists of. While schools like it when you only apply for their program, you might have applied to numerous programs. Make it clear why the program you are interviewing for is your top choice and explain what qualities you considered when making this program your number one choice.

Example: “I’ve applied to the schools that offered the most competitive programs that would be most beneficial to my career. The reason your program is at the top of my list is because of the coursework, the instructors and the history of success with your program.”

7. What do you hope to achieve with an MBA?
This interview question is a great time to discuss how an MBA could change or advance your career options. Be sure to be specific about how this program might better prepare you for upcoming work challenges/opportunities or how it can help propel you into a new market as a job switcher.

If the particular program offers great partnerships with the sector/industry you’re looking to pivot into, be sure to elaborate on that aspect. If the program can offer you a broader understanding of your current role and help solidify your experience, make it known that you plan to use the program for this.

Example: “I have put a lot of thought into the process of pursuing my MBA and I do not take the process lightly. I am looking to continue to broaden my scope of work in x,y,z ways. With a degree from your program, I believe I could make the next step in my career or life endeavors.”

8. What do you like most about your current work?
Take this question as an opportunity to direct the conversation toward something you’re truly passionate about. Give reasons why you love your job and why you chose your current career path. If there are aspects that you specifically find rewarding in your current work, highlight those. Even if you’re looking to change careers through an MBA, you should be able to capture reasons why you feel you are successful in your current role. This can also show how you see positivity in a negative situation.

Example: “What I love about my current work is that it allows me to be innovative in many ways. Specifically, it gives me the ability to be creative through these ways: (include specific examples).”

9. What do you believe would be your biggest challenge in this program?
This interview question gives you the opportunity to explain that you’re aware of the demands of an MBA program and that confidently feel ready to tackle those demands. Use this question as an opportunity to show vulnerability and how it can work to your advantage. Demonstrate that you are aware of the upcoming potential obstacles and therefore, better positioned to overcome them.

Be candid, explain how you’ll address the challenge, and show that you’re thinking about how to manage your time and resources wisely. Include examples of how you might utilize this particular program’s resources with clubs, study groups, etc.

Example: “I understand the complexities of taking on a program such as yours. I can honestly say that I feel up to the challenge but know that utilizing resources available to me will give me the best opportunity for success. I plan to take my time management seriously and pace myself throughout the program.”

10. Do you have any questions for me?
This question is basically a guarantee, so be sure to do your research and come up with four to five questions you’re willing to ask in your interview. Be sure to put serious thought into what questions you’d like to ask and be succinct in your delivery leaving no room for misinterpretation showing that you’d done your homework.

MBA Interview questions with sample answers


In your opinion, what sets this MBA program apart from others?
What current challenges do you see that have developed for this program?
Do you see any major changes to the program in the near future?
How does your program work to develop and maintain relationships with recruiting partners? What types of industries hire out of your program?
Given what you now know of my goals, what would you say are your program’s biggest advantages to me?
How to Prepare for your behavioral interview questions
Focus on the positive. Recall recent situations that show your favorable behaviors, involving course work, work experience, leadership, teamwork, initiative, planning and customer service.
Give each story a beginning, middle and end. Be ready to describe situations including the task at hand, your actions, and the outcomes and results.
Be honest. Don’t embellish or leave out parts of your story/answers.
Be specific. Don’t generalize several events. Instead, give detailed accounts of core events or examples.
Vary your examples. Don’t take all examples from just one area of your life.
Prepare questions. Conduct research before the interview and prepare questions specific to each school you are applying to for an MBA program.
Use the STAR method. The STAR method is a structured interview response technique that can help you answer behavioral-based questions effectively. This answering method works when you are asked about the actions you took in past situations.Situation: Explain the context of the situation you experienced or challenge that you faced. Do not use a generalized description of what you have done in the past; be sure to include enough detail and be as specific as possible.
Task: Describe your role or responsibility in the situation. What goal were you working towards?
Action: Explain the direct actions you took to manage the situation or overcome the challenge. Be sure to keep the focus on you and the specific steps you took and your particular contribution.
Result: Describe the outcome that was reached because of your action and don’t be shy about taking credit for your behavior. How did the event end? What did you accomplish? What did you learn? Be sure to answer with positive results.
Pro Tip: Make sure you follow all parts of the STAR method. Be as specific as possible at all times, without straying off-topic or including too much information. The result portion of the STAR method is often forgotten. Be sure to include this without being prompted by your interviewer.

MBA Interview questions with sample answers

MBA interview general questions

MBA interview general questions


MBA interview general questions

These general questions are used by MBA interviewer to discover more about your interest, personality and background:


What makes you want to pursue a master’s degree?
Why have you chosen to apply to our school?
What are your concerns about getting an MBA?
What are three words other people would use to describe you?
Do you agree that breaking the rules is sometimes necessary?
What has been your most rewarding academic experience thus far?
Do you think your grades are an indication of your academic achievement?
Describe the type of professor who has created the most beneficial learning experience for you.
What are your short-term and long-term goals?
Give an example of how you applied knowledge from a previous class/college to a real-world situation.
What is your biggest weakness?

Resume-focused MBA selection questions

These questions are asked to learn more about your accomplishments, goals and how you intend to apply your MBA to your career aspirations.

What are you most proud of on your resume?
What kind of changes would you make at work if you could?
How do you plan to use an MBA to support your career?
If you are a career shifter: Why did you start your career in X and how can our program help you get to Y?
Related: Interview Question: “Do You Have Any Questions?”

Situational questions for MBA admission selection

These situational questions can help an interviewer understand your abilities and past experiences:

Tell me about a time when you…

Had to make an important decision with limited factors
Were forced to make an unpopular decision
Had a manager that managed poorly
Were faced with an ethical dilemma
Persuaded team members to do things your way
Had to think of your feed to extricate yourself from a difficult situation
When you were a leader
Set your expectations too high (or too low)
Were tolerant of an opinion different from your own
Surmounted a major obstacle
MBA interview general questions






So you are wondering about the GUIDELINES FOR THE PREPARATION OF RESEARCH PROPOSAL for DISSERTATION. The following are the guidelines for research proposal and format of the research proposal, that must be submitted after having chosen the subject matter and topic of the dissertation work, end term project, work based project, internship dissertation. The University students are advised to strictly follow the University dissertation handbook guidelines and research proposal formats indicated below, while giving a strong emphasis of the goals of the dissertation to be achieved.

1. Title of the research proposal on a Topic – (Related to the domain of the study)

2. Introduction & writing background of proposed study- (300-400 Words Approx.)

3. Review of literature in research proposal– 1000words.

4. Problem statement in research proposal– (Max 100 words)

5. Need for the research or writing rationale in research proposal – What prompts you to do the research? (100 Words Approx.)

6. Setting research objectives in research proposal – there may be so many dimensions to the research problem, but one may not have enough resources or time to study all dimensions. So, one list research objectives to, in fact, draw the scope of the research work.

7. Research methodology writing help in research proposal: – Explains Method, research tools, research instrument, research approach, research design,  etc. for research study.

8. Sources of data – Primary or secondary or both the kinds of data may be used. What could be the probable sources of the secondary data applicable to the research?

9. Sampling – in case primary data in research is to be collected, the technique of data collection needs to be explained.

10. Expected outcome of research study (200 Words Approx.)- Academic contribution, business contribution

11. Bibliography

While the above research proposal format is normally followed, it is not necessary that the same sub headings scheme is used for all research topics. MBA research proposal writing help is undertaken after the topic for research proposal is chosen. If you need help, in finding research proposal topic help for MBA students, then contact us, we offer urgent service for International students writing help.

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