MBA summer e-internship

MBA summer e-internship

What is  summer e-internship

Are you looking for a great MBA summer internship that doesn’t require long commutes away from campus or your home? The e-internship program in EduhelpCentral links e-internship program in BBA and e-internship program in MBA students currently in India, during COVID19 pandemic. We offer you as a MBA candidate or BBA candidate to be enrolled virtually to work on different sectors, related organizations in the India and around the world, subject to availability of positions for internships. E-interns during COVID19 using the telecommuting mode to conduct their e-internships approximately 1 hour every day, five days a week during the period of internship as prescribed by your university or MBA/BBA college.


Past internship topics

Past internship topics have included: Climate Change, Cyber Security, European Security and Defense, Evolution of the Operational Environment, Social Media and ISIS, South China Sea, and the Future of Peace and Warfare. There are paid e-internships and non paid e-internships on hot topics that are prevailing in the various sectors and industry.

Our  summer e-internship offers

Past internship organizations have included: marketing, HRM, engineering, nursing management, information technology (IT), Leadership and PMS (performance management system), Strategic management, marketing management, retail management, CSR, Corporate governance, Business ethics, tourism management etc. EduhelpCentral is ranked as the top online academic help website, admission consultants for students especially in WestBengal.

We have offered e-internships in real estate holding & development, airlines, Exploration & production, Publishing, Hotels and restaurants, Transportation services, Airlines and hospitality, Heavy construction, Real estate holding & development, Fixed Line and mobile Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Real estate holding & development, Software Delivery services, Exploration & production, Banking and Investment services, Broadcasting & entertainment, Transportation and logistics services, Commodity chemicals, Building materials sectors of India.
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Get help for e-internship

To apply for e-internship, students are recommended to have a minimum marks of 60% in last semester, send us a CV, area of interest, final year choice of specialization in your MBA/BBA degree.

To learn more contact us, e-internship Director in EDUHELPCENTRAL, admission consultants for students.

Call/Whatsapp us +91.8013000664

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