Branding your MBA to get jobs in UK


Branding your MBA to get jobs in UK

Branding yourself as MBA or rather MBA personal branding seem to be a concept. But what if Branding your MBA to get jobs in UK is a reality. However,  it is not gimmick as there is credible and authentic research on personal branding in academic literature. Personal branding in MBA keeps you current in your chosen field of MBA specialisation, opens doors for you in UK in that area of study, and creates a lasting impression on your future prospective UK corporate clients. If you engage in marketing brand yourself successfully, then it a 100% probability that you’ll have control over your UK audience  initial perception. If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will, and the outcome might not be in your favor.

Relatively speaking, a strong brand MBA from a top ranked UK university easily influences it’s the corporate recruiters. What about the hundreds of MBA degrees from other UK colleges, UK students in part time MBA, full time MBA degree works overtime for job hunt and job searching in UK, trying to reach people. Personal branding of MBA candidates creates a pull instead of push strategy to use job search by personal projection of MBA abilities, MBA skills and MBA competencies.

On a general note, a successful brand like MBA scores over other degrees. So UK University students who are pursuing UK MBA degree can self-promote, which stimulates the audience. It creates communicative ripples about you as a brand, extending engagement through personal branding. On social media, MBA personal branding strategy is a unique experience as it showcases you factor. It infuses and breathes that special differentiation from your UK batchmates and helps you in charting the career growth. Personal branding also creates a steady follower base, and loyalty that is important for MBA candidates, as they progress in their career. Personal branding in MBA degree offers consistency in the quality of the engagement towards the strategy of personal brand it creates over time. Personal Brand can later on become a celebrity later on, and is also used as a way to connect on a universal level like creating own personal website, co author books, blog or vlog or TV show, or Professor in MBA degree, to differentiate your own identity in this digital world. Switching to digital visiting card and maintaining LinkedIn profile creation and LinkedIn for MBA candidates that helps in personal branding. You must be now asking how to use branding for your MBA degree. How this will lead to a job , or even more straight question if personal branding helps to get jobs in UK .


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Personal Branding for MBA students for their first job

Personal Branding for MBA students for their first job

How do you Brand yourself for career building after your MBA? Presenting, MBA Career Branding Tips. Visit and give this a quick read …..

MBA Career Branding Tip 1: Figure out your personal MBA brand statement

You’ve heard of the thirty-second elevator pitch for the MBA students in the corporate world. Hopefully you have one, and if you dont read on, the personal branding for MBA students. Most are not very good because they get cliche and boring. I also suggest you create a five-second elevator pitch, or what I call the bumper sticker. Change your LinkedIn headline and boost you LinkedIn page regularly in the subject area where you want to excel. Replace  LinkedIn background to brand yourself, that shows up under your name, or put in keyword based LinkedIn summary to be most searched MBA candidate for jobs. When someone sees your LinkedIn profile for MBA career building, they get an immediate idea of the value you could bring to a company.

MBA Career Branding Tip 2: Get your personal website in your name

Think about getting a one pager website in your name and write a blog with hashtags on the industry-specific area of interest in your personal blog. Even if you write just one, you can share that on LinkedIn. Additionally, your personal website can serve as your identity, with embedded social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkednIn. It will show up if someone searches your name on Google. If I’m a hiring manager and I find a website in your name in the first page of my Google search results, I will be impressed. Thats personal branding of students. Start early, book your name with us, build a personal website now, as personal branding takes time to build as no one knows you now. Also put get your own name signature email address, for reasons industry would look upto to  you as an icon in  personal branding in MBA. 

Tip 3: Get your LinkedIn profile in order

Hiring managers and recruiters are going to look at your MBA social media profile. The more impressive you can make using personal branding, the better you’ll stand out against your MBA batchmates. Every MBA needs job, advance in MBA career, when compared to others in the interview process. If you write a regularly in your MBA area of interest and create a follower base, recruiters will take a note and share it to industry Groups. You are now a branded, as people start following you as a member and influencer of  LinkedIn. This is an excellent way to get yourself branded, compete with your  colleagues and peers by carving out a niche in personal branding. Also ask former colleagues for LinkedIn recommendations (ones that hone in on the skills and talents that tie most closely to your personal branding elements), and don’t forget about your  MBA skills & Endorsements section.

Brand yourself for career building after your MBA? Presenting, MBA Career Branding Tips.

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