MBA Final year projects

MBA Final year projects


Final year projects in MBA degree or BBA degree are crucial and can make a lot of difference to your grades and campus placement. In fact, they account for more than 25% of your final year marks in MBA and a little more than 15% of your overall scores in MBA. Now that’s a huge impact, isn’t it!! Your choice of MBA Final year projects topic and the resultant grades also matter a lot during MBA campus recruitment. It helps recruiting manager of Indian companies visiting MBA colleges to analyze the student’s understanding of the practical aspects of the MBA specialistion.

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MBA interview general questions

MBA interview general questions


MBA interview general questions

These general questions are used by MBA interviewer to discover more about your interest, personality and background:


What makes you want to pursue a master’s degree?
Why have you chosen to apply to our school?
What are your concerns about getting an MBA?
What are three words other people would use to describe you?
Do you agree that breaking the rules is sometimes necessary?
What has been your most rewarding academic experience thus far?
Do you think your grades are an indication of your academic achievement?
Describe the type of professor who has created the most beneficial learning experience for you.
What are your short-term and long-term goals?
Give an example of how you applied knowledge from a previous class/college to a real-world situation.
What is your biggest weakness?

Resume-focused MBA selection questions

These questions are asked to learn more about your accomplishments, goals and how you intend to apply your MBA to your career aspirations.

What are you most proud of on your resume?
What kind of changes would you make at work if you could?
How do you plan to use an MBA to support your career?
If you are a career shifter: Why did you start your career in X and how can our program help you get to Y?
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Situational questions for MBA admission selection

These situational questions can help an interviewer understand your abilities and past experiences:

Tell me about a time when you…

Had to make an important decision with limited factors
Were forced to make an unpopular decision
Had a manager that managed poorly
Were faced with an ethical dilemma
Persuaded team members to do things your way
Had to think of your feed to extricate yourself from a difficult situation
When you were a leader
Set your expectations too high (or too low)
Were tolerant of an opinion different from your own
Surmounted a major obstacle
MBA interview general questions






So you are wondering about the GUIDELINES FOR THE PREPARATION OF RESEARCH PROPOSAL for DISSERTATION. The following are the guidelines for research proposal and format of the research proposal, that must be submitted after having chosen the subject matter and topic of the dissertation work, end term project, work based project, internship dissertation. The University students are advised to strictly follow the University dissertation handbook guidelines and research proposal formats indicated below, while giving a strong emphasis of the goals of the dissertation to be achieved.

1. Title of the research proposal on a Topic – (Related to the domain of the study)

2. Introduction & writing background of proposed study- (300-400 Words Approx.)

3. Review of literature in research proposal– 1000words.

4. Problem statement in research proposal– (Max 100 words)

5. Need for the research or writing rationale in research proposal – What prompts you to do the research? (100 Words Approx.)

6. Setting research objectives in research proposal – there may be so many dimensions to the research problem, but one may not have enough resources or time to study all dimensions. So, one list research objectives to, in fact, draw the scope of the research work.

7. Research methodology writing help in research proposal: – Explains Method, research tools, research instrument, research approach, research design,  etc. for research study.

8. Sources of data – Primary or secondary or both the kinds of data may be used. What could be the probable sources of the secondary data applicable to the research?

9. Sampling – in case primary data in research is to be collected, the technique of data collection needs to be explained.

10. Expected outcome of research study (200 Words Approx.)- Academic contribution, business contribution

11. Bibliography

While the above research proposal format is normally followed, it is not necessary that the same sub headings scheme is used for all research topics. MBA research proposal writing help is undertaken after the topic for research proposal is chosen. If you need help, in finding research proposal topic help for MBA students, then contact us, we offer urgent service for International students writing help.

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Top 10 MBA institutes in India 2021

 Top 10 MBA institutes in India 2021

Presenting the NIRF Ranking 2021 MBA colleges list in India. These are the top 10 MBA institutes in India 2021.

Rank 1: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Score: 83.69

Rank 2: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Score: 83.48

Rank 3: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

Score: 80.04

Rank 4: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode

Location: Kozhikode, Kerala

Score: 73.34

Rank 5: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi

Location: New Delhi, Delhi

Score: 72.15

Rank 6: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore

Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Score: 71.10

Rank 7: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow

Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Score: 71.02

Rank 8: Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI)

Location: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Score: 69.93

Rank 9: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur

Location: Kharagpur, West Bengal

Score: 69.50

Rank 10: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Score: 68.08

Presenting the NIRF Ranking 2021 MBA colleges list in India. These are the top 10 MBA institutes in India 2021.

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What is Personal Interview in MBA admission?

What is Personal Interview in MBA admission?

A personal interview or commonly known as PI round in MBA admission. What is Personal Interview in MBA admission?  It is a face-to-face interpersonal round in which either a single person (known as the interviewer) or a group of people (known as interview panel) take the interview. The selection procedure at B-Schools mandatorily includes the personal interview round to check the candidate’s verbal ability, interpersonal skills as well as the presence of mind. MBA Entrance exams mainly CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP and group discussion rounds do not divulge the personality traits of any candidate. Henceforth, the personal interview round in MBA is conducted. Certain tips on the essential components which all candidates must keep in mind before appearing for MBA personal interview are also given in this article.

Important MBA Personal Interview Questions

Experts divide the questions for MBA interviews into two parts. One that deals with the personal or personality traits of the candidate and the other that helps the interviewer/ interviewers to know about the candidate’s knowledge on managerial and interpersonal areas.


Top questions asked in Personal interview round of MBA admissions

Question – Give a brief introduction about yourself? Tell us something interesting about yourself?

Answer – One of the most common interview question is to introduce yourself. This is considered open-ended.

Candidates have an extensive opportunity and gain interviewer’s confidence in the very first question only if they know-how and in which tone to answer it.

The answer should be 2-3 minutes but should have major details.

Candidates must prove that they are well-versed about themselves and can express the same as well.

Question – Describe yourself in three words?

Answer – Keep your answer crisp and mention any three words which describe you well.

Be confident enough to disclose about your personality in three captivating words that impress the interviewer or the interviewing panel.

Candidates can use synonyms to learn fascinating words instead of being too simple.

Question – Why do you wish to do an MBA? What are your plans after getting an MBA degree?

Answer – Be confident and speak about your plans. Discuss the main reason for which you are pursuing an MBA and what have you planned to do once you have the two-year postgraduate degree from best B-School.

Question – How will MBA support your life goals?

Answer – Candidates can amalgamate their life goals with MBA goals and explain to the panel how the MBA degree will help them to earn a livelihood and stand on their feet. How through a better understanding of business terms will lead your career path to advancements. Emphasize on the special goal you wish to achieve by MBA course.

Question – Mention any one life experience that you wish to change.

Answer – In this MBA interview question candidates must make sure to answer any major or specific involvement of their life. Something that is worth telling and may leave interviewers thinking. Do not sit passively and think about that one experience. Be well-prepared and answer attentively.

Question – Do you have any goals? Five years or ten-year goals?

Answer – In these types of questions, candidates can specifically define their goals. Starting should be from the one-year goal followed by five and ten-year plans. Do not hesitate while answering these questions. People have goals. Remember the words of APJ Abdul Kalam Sir “You have to dream before the dream comes true”.

Question – Who do you admire and wish to be like?
Answer – It is your life, your dreams, your motive. You can admire anyone. Be it your mother, father, close family, any friend, famous personality, a fictional character that you might have read in a book. Be confident about your choice and say impactfully. Discuss the features that made you fall for them as an admirer.

Question – Express about the qualities which you have and make you peculiar from others?

Answer – Sound polite while answering about your qualities. Do not look overconfident and flaunt your strengths as this may appear crummy to the interviewer. If you feel there is any special quality you have you can discuss the same.

Question – What did you learn from your failures till now?

Answer – Know it is ok to fail and learn from your mistakes. Do not feel shy to discuss your failure.

Be prepared to answer this question or anything related to failure because such questions aim to judge the tolerance level of candidates.

Do not sound broken or disheartened while answering or discussing your failure.

Try to focus on what you learned instead of what you lost.

Question – What are your negative qualities which you are working on?

Answer – Before jumping directly to say about your negative qualities, start with something positive instead.

Show the interviewer how you can channelize the negative energies.

Do not choose to not answer this question as it may show your shyness to discuss things openly.

Focus more on how you are overcoming your negative qualities, what extra effort you put to convert the bad into good.



Sample Personal interview round questions for MBA admission

Sample Personal interview round questions for MBA admission

Here are some of the sample Personal interview round questions for MBA admission.

  1. How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?
  2. Can you work under pressure?
  3. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  4. What kinds of people do you find it difficult to work with?
  5. Why do you think should we take you for our MBA program?
  6. What three words would you choose to best describe yourself?
  7. Are you a better planner or implementer?
  8. Tell me about your dream job/company?
  9. Are you willing to work overtime?
  10. What suggestion/s have you made in your previous job that was implemented?
  11. Would you rather work for money or job satisfaction?
  12. Describe your work ethics.
  13. Why do you want to join this College/B-school?
  14. Why MBA?
  15. What are your hobbies and interests?
  16. Do you prefer to work independently or in a team?
  17. Describe a difficult situation/project and how you overcame it?
  18. Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it?

so here are sample Personal interview round questions for MBA admission.

Top Managerial MBA Personal Interview Questions

Top Managerial MBA Personal Interview Questions:

Here are top ten tips for top managerial MBA Personal Interview Questions:

Question – Why do you think you are fit for an MBA degree? Any specific reason for selecting this college?

Answer – Make sure to highlight your strengths on why you are fit. Try to communicate how your personal interest aligns with the MBA course who wish to pursue. How your undergraduate skills help you. Talk about the qualities of college you are applying to, its campus, co-curricular activities offered, clubs you are passionate about. Reveal about your academic as well as professional experience that will help you enrich your journey in the MBA course.

Question – Do you think being ethical is considered important in today’s environment? What’s your take on that?

Answer – Such type of questions aim to judge your community awareness.

Do not try to answer it directly. Being diplomatic is accepted up to some extent.

Nowadays being ethical or conducting activities ethically has become a question all over the world. So make sure to prepare this question well in advance.

Keep your answer short in cases, where diplomacy is the only answer.

Question – Do you think there is any specific type of people with whom you can not work in future?

Answer – No matter how desperate you are to answer or reveal the other side of the coin by downsizing any other person or personality, keep your calm and answer this question in a fair tone. Do not downgrade anyone be it a person or any organization. By doing so, a candidate may end up portraying him/herself bad.

Question – Have you ever proved yourself as a good manager?

Answer – As you are applying for an MBA course, it is most likely that in the personal interview round, the panel may ask you about a time when you had to act as a manager or take responsibility of doing something worthwhile. Be well prepared with an example to give weightage to your answer.

Question – What according to you is that one managerial quality which all managers must have?

Answer – Do not plunge directly to that one quality. First list down the qualities of a manager like leadership, communicative, decision making, reliable, integrity etc., and then elaborate the one managerial quality which according to you is considered above all. Try to communicate crisp language while elaborating about the managerial quality. Answering this question is a direct opportunity to converse about something which you more passionate about.

Question – Elaborate on your accomplishments. Any situation where you stood out and took the responsibility as a manager?

Answer – Coming up with the positivity or accomplishments that you own is easy. However, some candidates may find it difficult to express the same in words. Be sure to answer MBA interview questions related to your accomplishment, its impact in your life, your experience, what you learned from that accomplishment etc., talk about the initiatives that you took, lessons learned during the journey.

Question – What do you understand by being a good manager?

Answer – As you are giving the personal interview for a management course, make sure you are aware of what a good manager is. Remember, you are expected to be one in future. Do not forget to emphasize the importance of a good manager in society.

Question – Explain decision making.

Answer – Learn about managerial terms, their meaning, try to draw inferences for the words in advance. This is just an example to make the candidates understand the importance of managerial terms. The topic can be different. Make sure you are aware of the managerial words and be elaborative about your answer. No one-liners will help you pass the MBA personal interview round.

Definitely, the questions mentioned above cannot be guaranteed to form part of the personal interview round. However, candidates can take an idea and prepare themselves in advance. Life is full of surprises, so will the MBA interview questions be. Just stay calm and confident. Do not hurry up to give the answer. First, understand the question and the revert.

Advanced Tips for MBA Personal Interview Round

Basic etiquettes like formal dressing, punctuality factor, cleanliness etc. are mandatory if you are planning to appear for a personal interview. Apart from the basic etiquettes, candidates can follow below tips as well to increase their chances of selection.

Top Questions asked in Personal Interview round of MBA admissions

Top Questions asked in Personal Interview round of MBA admissions

Apart from above, other top questions asked in Personal Interview round of MBA admissions are given below. All of them are the top Questions to prepare for Personal Interview.


  1. Tell us about your Strengths and Weakness


  1. What do you think is your best achievement


  1. Where do you see yourself in next five years


  1. Tell us about your career goals


  1. Why do you want to specialize in marketing/ finance/HR?


  1. Tell us about your hobbies and interests


  1. Who is your role model?


  1. To whom you would give credit for your success and why?


  1. Is there anyone who inspires you? Share reasons..


  1. How would you differentiate between a good manager and a good leader?


  1. Which is your biggest challenge so far?


  1. How do you think you will you contribute to the batch and the institute if we select you?


  1. What expectation do you have with this MBA programme?


  1. What does Criticism mean to you? How do you deal with it


  1. Have you ever demonstrated leadership? Share the situation…


  1. Which other MBA colleges have shortlisted you for final selection? Which one do you propose to choose and why