Financial difficulties for thesis progress, a survival guide for PhD students

Ever since there is a seed of passion to pursue a doctoral degree is born, there are a range of difficulties that one is likely to face. As a doctoral student myself, I found that cracking the entrance examination and facing the teaching fraternity in proving my research interest area was rather boyish. The real challenges for my doctoral thesis was time and money. Though the doctoral studies like the graduates ones are themselves are too pricey, I have seen my batch mates opting out and looking for jobs instead of pursuing this final degree. The education system has been outpacing the living costs is a barrier for many as I can say my friends who opted out would have made a finer professor than myself. I came across discussion boards and found which have one particular only for PhDs which caught my attention.

Over there, the mates which I met in the discussion board was discussing about specific issues that related to the cost factor in a doctoral thesis. There are many challenges like request for extension of the thesis submission date that is quite normal amongst students. The evaluation of student progress in the university desired format also is linked to the financial aid. This is infact regulated by the federal regulations which requires evaluation of student in terms of progress made. However, there can be situations where the collection of primary data from the field work in order to meet the proposed sample size can overshoot the budget. Financial planning for the research requires an estimation as the planned approach that will help to understand and plan for the sample size achievability factor in the given time frame.

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